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General Logistics Albania, we bring innovation in the transportation and logistics industry. High end technology implemented in car rental system.
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Car Hire

Multiple Locations

Strong Partnerships

Advanced Analytics

About us

car rental and logistics

Created with passion by car rental enthusiasts, GLshpk opened their first office in Tirana International Airport.

Entering in the Albanian market the ‘car buy-back’ philosophy, a practice that was unknown before in Albania between car dealers and car rental companies.


Now, with more than 90 vehicles and 3 locations across the country, General Logistics aims the top of car rental industry in Albania.

We work with big names

General Logistics started as a passion and ended up partnering with big names in Albania’s car rental industry like Volkswagen, Opel, Jeep, Citroen, Hyundai and more.


We’ve been a strong partner with international car rental brands, becoming the first company in Albania getting 8.9 satisfaction rate on RentalCars.com, and winning first place prizes for Customer Care.


What we do, we do it with passion.

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Tech Driven

latest features

We were born in the generation of high end technology, so we keep up with the latest products on car rental management systems, secure transactions, super fast XML connections with our brokers and interactive mobile apps.